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The DOS operating system was developed by Microsoft in the early 1980s. It is a successor to MS-DOS, which had been released in 1981 and became one of the most popular operating systems for personal computers at that time. The name “MS” stands for MicroSoft, while “DOS” means Disk Operating System.

Microsoft’s first release of its own version of an OS was CP/M 2.0, which was based on Digital Research’s

Why was this so important a creation even now?

In the past doing anything such as

  • Using a mouse
  • Turning a software on
  • Doing any computer action

All these things were super complex and required someone to be very smart and took a lot of effort and time to make it happen as such a lot of people could not work computers this was why Dos was a very important tool to be created which allowed people to perform many tasks which many of people take for granted today but if you coded in the before time you can understand Dos was masterpiece of a software engineer to give people what we all needed a more user friendly way to perform computing work allowing the following to be made easier.

  • Video Game designing
  • Making softwares
  • Typing letters or making files open or close more easy
  • Copy and past among other things many of us do most days of the week

Before the creation of Dos everything computing wise required someone to be super smart and have a lot of time to do anything meaning computers for jobs was not better overall than doing it by hand or outside of the computing space since it was much easier doing things by hand or human wise if you like that having to spend ages coding things out which would cost a lot of money and time before Dos was created by  Gary Kildall of the past he was in his own rights the Bill gates or who he should had being but Gates stole Dos then resold it to IBM for big money meaning he became who  Gary should had become one of the richest people in the world since he was super smart coder one of the best to had ever lived before his sad death over depression and unpleasant bar fight which ended his life.

Coding in this style is not hard by any means for why some people still even use it to code things today to make things more secure than modern windows or just for fun in some cases and some of the older games only work on Dos through things like Dosbow allowing older games to work on more modern computers which many people still use even your truly as well the creator of this article as well.

Making art or using paint style of the program can be done fairly simple on this style of creation as well software for why it allowed some early games to be created using it such as snake style of game or even Pacman of the past as well since it could make many things happen at just using a few lines of codes in some cases but before this could  happen it could require a lot of time and effort to make these sort of things happen for general  use to work in game before this creation took place overall.

The purpose of this was to allow average joe to be able to do big things without  you having to be super smart or have a master degree in computing science of like the past for why it became so popular so fast overall.

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