PRESS RELEASE – Zymplify Launch Intent Data Platform Lead Onion

New platform that finds a total addressable market in seconds and connects with decision makers in minutes

(from left) Debbie Rymer (chief marketing officer, Zymplify), Michael Carlin (chief executive officer, Zymplify) and Michael Green (chief operating officer, Lead Onion)

Belfast, UK 02.12.21

SAAS company Zymplify Group has launched Lead Onion, a powerful intent-driven sales enablement platform that allows users to identify, prioritize and connect with leads and prospects in real time.

Lead Onion allows users to activate buyer-intent data with 17 dynamic intent sources at their fingertips giving them the ability to quickly identify companies who are ready to buy and their key decision makers. 

Once identified prospects are prioritized into ready-to-buy sales leads allowing sales teams to connect with in-market buyers in real time.

The announcement comes on the back of Zymplify Group investing a further £1.5million into the SAAS company and a commitment to create 26 jobs over the coming year working across its three brands Zymplify, Lead Onion and Zym.

Zymplify Group chief executive Michael Carlin said Lead Onion represented a significant step forward in the operationalization of data and prospecting across all sectors.

He added: “Lead Onion helps teams reduce sales cycles, accelerate sales and enhance their sales and marketing efforts by making available the world’s largest and most compliant database of 400 million business profiles and 4.2m identified in-market accounts.”

With Lead Onion users can see the companies who are actively searching for their product or service, get contact details of the key decision makers and send prospects to their tech stack for lead nurturing or use Lead Onion’s inbuilt cadences to connect instantly and quickly act on those buying signals.

Zymplify Group chief marketing officer Debbie Rymer explained: “The thing that makes Lead Onion really different isn’t just the company level intent or the contact details of the key decision makers in those organisations. It’s the fact that our platform is the only company on the market that takes into consideration first, second and third party data, and then highlights the people that are displaying intent across all of those channels”.

With Lead Onion companies can not only gather up to the minute, relevant and current data but can organise and prioritize that data efficiently in a manner that allows sales teams to act on the intelligence immediately right when the customer is ready to buy.

Michael Green, chief operating officer of Lead Onion said: “One of the biggest challenges companies have with intent data is making it actionable. That’s what we solve. 

“For example, there’s been a lot of discussion in  sales and marketing about third-party intent data and whether it’s useful…the fact that we make it actionable helps to solve that conundrum – we bring order to the chaos of there being so much data out there.

“Lead Onion provides contact details alongside the company-level intent. We’re the only platform that has first, second, third-party intent data at the company level.” 

Lead Onion was originally created to fill a need for the Zymplify Group themselves.

Michael and his team, frustrated by the prospecting and lead generation tools on the market, set out to find a solution that would streamline the prospecting and lead generation timeline.

He explained: “Before we created Lead Onion it was my job to extract the data from various sources, be that G2 or purchasing large data lists, and populate existing sales CRM systems and platforms with that data for the sales teams to use.

“This was being done every week but, in some cases, by the time the data was collected, collated and uploaded to the system the intent was already a week old and in many cases the data had gone stale.

“With Lead Onion that process has gone from a few days or a week to minutes. Our sales teams are being fed live data on a daily basis that’s current, relevant and actionable.

“Sales teams no longer have to think about where they will go for their next lead – it’s there, it’s ready and waiting for them. Their days are planned out and if they need more the system can give them more.”

With Lead Onion’s suite of tools marketers responsible for delivering leads to sales, sales leaders responsible for growing revenue at scale and recruiters looking for their next hot hire can use up to the minute tools and intelligence to identify, target and connect faster with their target audience.

“Lead Onion gives your sales teams more talk time because we have removed repetitive admin and research tasks from their workflow” said Debbie Rymer, adding: “supercharge your conversions by giving your team the hottest leads today looking for the solution that you offer now, not last week, not last month.”

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Michael Carlin (Zymplify Group CEO), Debbie Rymer (Zymplify Group CMO) and Michael Green (Lead Onion COO) are available for interview.

About Lead Onion 

Lead Onion (Zymplify Limited) is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant and is sourced from compliant and accurate suppliers. 

Lead Onion (Zymplify Ltd) is ISO20071 compliant:

Zymplify Ltd was established in 2014 and Lead Onion was developed in 2020

Lead Onion is headed up by COO Michael Green, a chartered accountant who has been Zymplify’s Chief Finance Officer since 2016

Press release issued on behalf of Zymplify by Excalibur Press

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