Main types of excavation services

Excavation is the process in which some parts of the earth are moved from one place to another to set the place for the construction of other projects. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about excavation contractors Vancouver companies is the sight of huge bulldozers and excavators trying to dig huge holes in the ground. However, that’s not the case in real situations. Not all excavation services require such huge and sophisticated equipment. Here, let us take you through some of the basic excavation services rendered by civil engineering companies.

These excavation services are named based on the type of material that is excavated from the earth’s surface.

  • Topsoil excavation

As the name indicates, in this type of excavation service, the company removes the topsoil from the earth’s surface. Also known as mantle soil, this is the place that encourages vegetation and moisture accumulation beneath the earth’s surface. Mostly, the topsoil removed from the earth during this process, is recycled and used in another landscaping project, where it can be used to grow plants and control soil erosion.

  • Earth excavation

Earth excavation is the process that involves the removal of the soil that lies between the topsoil and rocks. Usually, companies offer this type of service when constructing embankments or foundations for bigger buildings. This soil can be easily removed using some of the basic equipment, as one doesn’t need advanced earthmoving machinery for the same.

  • Rock excavation

It is quite difficult to remove rocks from the earth’s surface using simple machines. Rocks and small boulders are quite big; therefore, they need to be removed using drilling and blasting processes.  These blasters break down the rocks and boulders into very small pieces, so that they can be easily removed from the earth’s surface clean. This way, companies prepare the site properly for you to construct other structures for you, there.

  • Muck excavation

Muck is a substance that is made up of a great amount of water and unnecessary soil. Depending on the level of water content in this substance, it can be a little complex to remove muck from the earth completely. All the muck that is removed from the earth is first spread out on a big area, so that the water in it dries off completely. Once all the water gets dried off, the muck is then stabilized by changing the properties of the soil or by mixing it with any other concrete substance.

Unclassified excavation

As the name indicates, any other material that doesn’t fall under earth, muck, topsoil, or rock categories, comes under “unclassified excavation.” The real meaning of this term is that excavation companies are always ready to remove any desirable substances that prevent their clients from preparing the soil for further projects.

While these classifications are based on the type of material removed from the earth’s surfaces, excavation services can also be classified based on their function. Roadway excavations, drainage excavations, footing excavations, bridge excavations, channel excavations, etc., are some types of function-based excavation contractors Vancouver services.

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