A guide to bed bug removal from your homes

When you are asked to name some of the most irritating pests in your home, bedbugs would definitely top your list. The saying, “appearances can be deceptive,” suits these pests very well. Though they are very small, (they are just 5mm long), they can cause a lot of havoc, if not managed well. The most frightening part about bedbugs is that they can reproduce very quickly. They hide in some of the remote places in your home, and before you know it, the female bed bug would have laid 100s of eggs, making bed bugs a challenging task for you. You might be surprised to know that a female bed bug can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime.

When it comes to bed bug removal, you need to be patient and alert to succeed in this process. It is important to hire a professional pest control Vancouver expert for this process, if you want to be sure that your homes are free from bedbugs infestations. Here are some of the basic steps you can take to get rid of these pests from your homes.

  • Spot the areas where bedbugs have infested

Bedbugs are usually found in places like the following:

  • Under mattresses
  • In the small furniture joints
  • Cracks on the frame of the bed
  • Inside the broken electrical wires
  • Beneath the posters on walls

In short, you have to look in all the tiny and dark spots in your homes to spot the areas where bedbugs could have infested.

  • Ensure that infestations do not spread to other areas

Use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the bedbugs from these infested areas, and control the spread to other areas. All bed covers, cushion covers and furniture covers should be washed at a very high temperature. Allow them to dry well before using them again.

  • Prepare your home before treating bedbugs

Check your home thoroughly to check if any cracks can be sealed. If posters, wallpapers, cushion covers or clothes have been infested badly by the bedbugs, please discard them, because you run the risk of spreading infestations if you try to reuse them.

  • Get rid of bedbugs by killing them

Apart from washing infested clothes at a very high temperature, you can also use chemical or non-chemical methods to kill bedbugs. You can use insecticides that contain pyrethrins, pyrethroids, pyrroles, neonicotinoids and more. These have been tested and proved to be very successful in killing bedbugs.

  • Check the infestation-prone areas regularly

Even after killing the bedbugs, you should monitor the infested areas at least once weekly to check if the pests have returned. You can use bedbug interceptors in the infested areas to be alerted about the presence of bedbugs in those areas.

  • Redo the bedbug treatment, if needed

If you spot bedbugs again, you should go back to the previous step of using steam-cleaning, chemical and non-chemical insecticides to get rid of them.

  • Hire a professional

If you spot severe bedbug infestations, you should stop trying DIY techniques and homemade remedies to get rid of them. Please call a professional pest control Vancouver expert without wasting further time to keep bedbug infestations at bay.

  • Prevention measures to keep bedbugs away

After your home has been wiped clean of bedbug infestations, please ensure that you maintain it very well. Clean clutter regularly and ensure that small cracks in furniture and walls are sealed.

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