Etiquette you need to follow when tasting wine at the wine tours in Niagara

Niagara wine tours limousine

Niagara is well known for the water falls. Another aspect that the region is known for is the wine tours quite prevalent in the surroundings. If you are undertaking Niagara wine tours with your groups, it may be essential and important to check out a few etiquettes that you are expected to follow. Let us explore a few of the etiquettes that you should never forget to abide by.

Visit the winery with an open mind about what you would get

Wine tasting involves tasting and checking something that you have never perhaps done before in your life. If you do not like something that you are given to taste, do not insult the formulation. Maybe someone else loves what you do not like. Remember that you are just tasting it and not buying a bottle. Try to be considerate.

Never wear a fragrance

Wearing a strong perfume or an aftershave can ruin the experience of wine tasting. In fact, it can even ruin the experience of others in your group. It is actually considered to be a bad behaviour in any wine tasting arrangement. The strong fragrance or aroma can interfere with your perception of how does the wine taste.

Avoid drinking too much

Wine tasting is just about that – tasting the wine, not about having it. If you like a wine and its taste, you always have the option of buying a bottle from the winery. It is quite possible that you would tend to drink more than you actually thought of drinking. This can get you intoxicated and thereby get you in a bad books of the other members or even the winery staff.

Clean your palette before drinking

Before you taste a new wine variety at the next winery, it may be necessary to cleanse your palate. This will be helpful in avoiding the taste of the previous wine sample affecting your perception of the new variant. Taking a sip of water or even a glass of water can prove to be a good way to avoid the taste of the previous wine. You can also have crackers or other means to clean up the palate.

Do not hesitate asking questions

If you have any questions about the wine or the formulation methods, it is absolutely okay to ask questions. You need not refrain from asking questions to the host or the pourer if you have any questions about the wine. The questions about the background of the winery, or the particular wine. If you ask questions, you would come across someone who is interested in the process and product.

Going on a wine tour and tasting the wines is not a child’s play. It is always expected to exercise caution before you can explore the wine tasting opportunities around you. The tips and etiquettes that we have outlined in the above discussion should be helpful in getting access to a proper understanding of the concept. Make sure you are in tune with what is expected of you and that way you would be able to experience the best possible wine tasting experience.

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